September 12 2005

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September 12th, 2005 (September 12 2005)EventThe red-green coalition, led by Jens Stoltenberg, wins the Norwegian parliamentary election, taking 87 of 169 seats in the parliament.
September 12th, 2005 (September 12 2005)EventIsrael completes its withdrawal of all troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip.
September 12th, 2005 (September 12 2005)EventHong Kong Disneyland opens in Penny s Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.
September 12th, 1995 (September 12 1995)EventKareem Abdul-Jabbar s All Star Team beats the Harlem Globetrotters 91-85, ending the Globetrotters 24-year, 8,829-game winning streak.
September 12th, 1995 (September 12 1995)DeathJeremy Brett, English actor (born in 1933)
September 12th, 1985 (September 12 1985)BirthJack Wilkinson, English footballer
September 12th, 1965 (September 12 1965)BirthJohn Norwood Fisher, American musician
September 12th, 1945 (September 12 1945)DeathHajime Sugiyama, Japanese general (committed suicide, born in 1880)
September 12th, 1925 (September 12 1925)BirthStan Lopata, American baseball player
September 12th, 1915 (September 12 1915)BirthFrank McGee, American journalist (died in 1974)
September 12th, 1875 (September 12 1875)BirthMatsunosuke Onoe, Japanese actor (died in 1926)
September 12th, 1855 (September 12 1855)BirthSimon-Napoleon Parent, Canadian politician (died in 1920)
September 12th, 1725 (September 12 1725)BirthGuillaume Le Gentil, French astronomer (died in 1792)
September 12th, 1695 (September 12 1695)DeathJacob Abendana, Spanish scholar (born in 1630)
September 12th, 1665 (September 12 1665)DeathJean Bolland, Flemish Jesuit writer (born in 1596)
September 12th, 1605 (September 12 1605)BirthWilliam Dugdale, English antiquarian (died in 1686)
September 12th, 1575 (September 12 1575)BirthHenry Hudson, English explorer (died in 1611)
September 12th, 1185 (September 12 1185)DeathAndronikos I Komnenos, Byzantine emperor (born in 1118)

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